Welcome to Java Green Eco Cafe

Java Green Cafe is back and better than ever – A better lunch menu – A better atmosphere – and more seating.  We’ve revamped the entire restaurant to include a brand new menu with more organic and gluten free options.


Try Our New Brew Bar

Java Green is proud to announce our new brew bar is complete with every kind of espresso based beverage and pour over coffee brew that you could wish for.  Three brand new Bartaza Forte BG (Brew Grind) Grinders are dedicated exclusively for our pour over coffees made with porcelain Hario V60 Drippers.  These new grinders make the fluffiest and most consistent coffee grounds that we’ve ever seen.  You can pick from over 30 varieties of organic and fair trade coffee beans from over 10 different roasters.  These beans are also available for purchase so that you can grind your own at home.

Java Green Brew Bar

Moreover, our very experience baristas can whip up any sort of of espresso that you could ask for.  Americanos, Lattes, Flat Whites, Cappuccinos, whatever you desire.  We recommend no sugar with these but we do keep some organic cane on hand if you desire a little sweetener.